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Journal Clubs

Looking for a suitable Journal Club to be part of? Here is some inspiration!  

Below you'll find a list of Journal Clubs in the DANDRITE groups, which are available to sign up for everyone who would be interested. Sign up by writing to the responsible person of the Journal Club. Any updates on the Journal Clubs, and info on new once, is requested send to Astrid Munk or Karen Bech-Pedersen from the responsible persons.

Responsible: Gilles Claude Vanwalleghem

Open journal club for more interactions
All welcome to come to the journal club on “Noninvasive assessment of gut function using transcriptional recording sentinel cells” published last May in science, that uses CRISPR tech to record the transcriptional landscape of bacteria in the gut.
Time and place: Tuesday the 6th of December in 1872-647.  
Responsible person: Gilles Claude Vanwalleghem

Journal Club on circuit neuroscience

Joint journal club for all groups at DANDRITE, and external participants.
The aim of the meetings is to have an open scientific exchange on new (and old) papers (and techniques, data etc) on selected neuroscience topics. The meetings will be informal, informative and exciting, and open to anyone! Please see the calendar for more information about dates and presenters – you are more than welcome to sign up.
Time and place: Every second Friday from 9-10 am in room 1185-132.     
Responsible person: Keisuke Yonehara
Mailing list: jc.dandrite (contact Keisuke Yonehara)

Responsible: Anne von Philipsborn

A small fly Journal Club
Subjects such as “Drosophila, behavioral genetics, circuit neuroscience”
Time and place: Every second Tuesday at 11 am in room 1185-132.     
Responsible person
: Anne von Philipsborn

Responsible: Poul Nissen

Journal Club on Structural Neurobiology
Time: Every 2. week from 9:40-10:00 (start after summer break: 25 August 2021). Is held at the end of the PN lab meeting.    

Venue:  Same as PN lab meeting (TBA). Zoom dial-in possible (use this lab meeting Zoom link)    

Participants: The journal club is open to anyone interested from the DANDRITE community.
Sign up: Please sign-up yourself by selecting available slot in presentation scheme in Labbook (lab members), or by contacting Karen (external participant).

Responsible: Poul Henning Jensen and Marina Romero-Ramos

Neurodegenerative Journal club hosted by the Romero-Ramos and the Jensen labs.  

The area of interest include papers describing clinical observations, disease models, and mechanistic investigations related to neurodegenerative diseases, in general, and more in particular those associated to protein aggregation. The main focus has been on the neurodegenerative process in Parkinson’s disease, Lewy body dementia, multiple systems atrophy and the protein alpha-synuclein. But we have slowly shifted to also reading articles  about neuro-inflammation, the immune system, gut-brain axis and related topics that attract increasing attention in the research field. Our JC will also include, when relevant, novel technical approaches applied in the field.

All are welcome to join the journal club that often have visitors from the department of clinical medicine,  AUH.

Time and place: Every third week on a Friday at 1 pm in room 1185-132 or 1115-151B. 

Contact persons are phd students Sara Ferreira (sara.ferreira@biomed.au.dk) and Hjalte Gram (hjalteg@biomed.au.dk)

Responsible: Anders Nykjær

Neuroscience journal club   
Subjects such as memory, neuronal development, Sortilin receptor family, electrophysiology, animal behavior, etc.
The journal club is open to everyone, but please sign-up.
Place: Building 1116, “Skou building”. Primarily in room 1115-151B. 
Time: Once a month on a Tuesday 8.15-10.00.    
Responsible person: Karen Marie Juul Sørensen (kmjs@dandrite.au.dk

Responsible: Mark Denham

Stem cells and Development
Information: The aim of the journal club is to review and discuss new and significant publications in the field of stem cells and development, with a particular focus on neuroscience.

Time: Every second Tuesday at 12.00-13.00, the same weeks to the internal meetings.

Location: Skou building 1116-348A. 

Contact person: Muwan Chen (chen.muwan@dandrite.au.dk)  

Aarhus University Cryo-EM Common Interest Group

An open group for AU researchers with an interest in single-particle cryo-electron microscopy and tomography. The group organises regular meetings with the aim of exchanging knowledge about 3D reconstruction by EM techniques at AU.

The group meets every 2nd Friday at 11 online via Zoom.

The organizers are Charlott Stock, Joseph Lyons and Ronja Driller. 

Please join the mailing list to receive regular updates: 

See more details here: