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DANEMO is the Danish research support center promoting opportunities at EMBL and EMBO

DANEMO promotes the use of the core facilities at EMBL sites and nourish collaborations between research groups in Denmark and at EMBL and EMBO.Furthermore we encourage scientists to apply to PhDs, fellowships, group leader programmes and to take advantage of career development and networking opportunities at EMBL and EMBO.

DANEMO is a collaberation project between the danish universities: Aarhus University (AU), Aalborg University (AAU), University of Copenhagen (Ku), Univerity of Southern Denmark (SDU) and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Is it in our core values to promote the best opportunities for all, by sharing all the opportunities EMBL and EMBO has to offer. Wether you are a student just starting out on your life science journey, or you are a group leader wanting to learn even more and grow within your field, EMBO and EMBL has the opportunities for you.

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