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Job and study opportunities at DANDRITE

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Current available positions at DANDRITE

Postdoc in cryo-EM and functional studies of Na,K-ATPase isoform complexes associated with brain and cardiovascular disorders

A 2-year position as postdoc in cryo-EM and functional studies of Na,K-ATPase isoform complexes associated with brain and cardiovascular disorders is available in the laboratory of Prof. Poul Nissen at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University.

Deadline: 15 February
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Current available positions at Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, AU

Two tenured group leader positions

The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, has launched a new initiative to strengthen its position within the fields of Molecular Medicine and/or Molecular Cell Biology. We therefore invite applications for two positions to be filled at either Tenure-Track Assistant Professor or Tenured Associate Professor level to begin in June 2024 or as soon as possible thereafter.

With these positions, we seek to engage topic areas that complement and expand our current research and teaching activities at the Department. Research topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Virology,

  • Neurobiology

  • Cell biology

  • Immunology

  • Physiology

  • Developmental biology

  • Molecular microbiology

  • Cell communication and homeostasis

Application deadline: 18 March
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Relevant job opportunities at EMBL

Chief Scientific Officer at HCEMM

HCEMM is a rapidly growing Program for Translational Medicine in Hungary. They are now looking for a Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at the HCEMM headquarters, who will coordinate the interaction between the HCEMM Administration and the Research Groups and participate in the general management tasks of the HCEMM program. The CSO is expected to closely interact with EMBL on all aspects of the HCEMM development. The CSO is also entitled to establish and run a Core Research Group at the HCEMM headquarters, with a research topic related to healthy ageing.

Core Group Leader positions at HCEMM

In January 2022, the new HCEMM headquarters, located at the Science Park in Szeged were officially inaugurated. The Incubator House will host the HCEMM Kft. Administration, six Core Research Groups and one additional Advanced Core Facilitiy. We offer several positions for Core Group Leaders who will set up and operate their research groups at the new Incubator House in Szeged, Hungary. Applications are sought for the establishment of Groups especially in the fields of Infectious Diseases and Immuno- Inflammatory Diseases. We are also looking for a Clinician (part time or full time) to participate in Biobanking efforts. Networking with the existing Groups will be an important aspect of the work of all additional Groups, please visit https://www.hcemm.eu/teams/ to learn more about them and their activities.

As a HCEMM Core Group Leader you will receive support in the form of your own competitive salary, considerable operational funds for five years to recruit a Senior (i.e. PostDoc) and Junior Group (i.e. student or technician) member and for the initial operational funding for your laboratory and the unique opportunity to design all aspects of your new work environment at the HCEMM headquarters. Adjunct status at the University of Szeged can be sought in order to have access to Graduate Schools and Graduate Programs.

If you recognise yourself in this description, you may apply for one of the below THREE RESEARCH GROUP LEADER CATEGORIES:

• SENIOR GROUP LEADER (outstanding Ph.D. or M.D and post- doctoral records, as well as above average research achievements in the last 10 years). A clear vision for product development needs to be demonstrated in your application.

JUNIOR GROUP LEADER (generally 2-7 years international research experience after obtaining the Ph.D. or M.D. degree). A long-term view on the development of industrial interactions needs to be demonstrated in your application.

TRANSLATIONAL GROUP LEADER (a medical degree (M.D. or equivalent) and experience in work with industrial partners)

Other relevant job opportunities

Postdoctoral Fellow in Neuroscience

Dr. Haiyan He’s lab in the Department of Biology at Georgetown University is seeking a highly motivated postdoc fellow interested in neuroscience research.

Successful candidate will have the opportunity to work on a NIH-funded study to investigate novel mechanisms underlying activity-dependent proteostasis in neurons. Postdoc fellow salary and benefit will be set commensurate with their experience and qualification according to NIH guidelines. They will also benefit from the thriving and collegial research environment, interdisciplinary collaborations, excellent career development workshops, and state-of-art core research facilities at Georgetown University as well as its Medical Center.

Postdocs and PhDs at The Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience

Zong lab and Moser lab are jointly recruiting six PhD's or Postdocs in computationally guided experimental neural-networks neuroscience. 

The positions will be associated with the research group of May-Britt and Edvard Moser, with the research group of Weijian Zong, or both (on collaborative work). Positions in the Moser lab use Neuropixels probes or two-photon miniscopes to understand neural population coding in entorhinal-hippocampal systems. Positions in the Zong group use two-photon miniscopes and will further develop this technology.

For postdoctoral positions:

  • You must have completed a Norwegian doctoral degree or corresponding foreign doctoral degree recognized as equivalent to a Norwegian PhD in neuroscience, psychology, biology or medicine, computational science, physics, mathematics or equivalent.
  • If you can document that the PhD thesis has been submitted, your application can be assessed even if you have not yet defended your dissertation. Documentation of the obtained doctoral degree must be presented before you can take up the position.
  • You must have track record of paper writing (papers published or on preprint servers, with author contributions specified, or alternatively indicated in reference letters).
  • If, for any reason, you have taken a career break or have had an atypical career and wish to disclose this in your application, the selection committee will take this into account, recognizing that the quantity of your research may be reduced as a result.

For PhD positions:

  • Completion of a master’s degree or equivalent, with a strong academic background in the same subjects as for the postdoc position, with a grade of B or better in terms of NTNU’s grading scale.
  • For the position in the Zong group, a background in engineering will be similarly relevant.
  • Applicants with master’s degrees not approved as equivalent to a Norwegian degree may be offered the opportunity to take missing courses to obtain an equivalent degree; however, further recruitment will depend on a grade of B or better on the Norwegian equivalent.

Application deadline: 01.04.2024

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