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Relevant job opportunities in EMBL and The Nordic EMBL Partnership

NORPOD: 7 postdoc positions in the Nordic EMBL Partnership

Apply for one of the 7 postdoctoral positions in Molecular Medicine

  • Comparative study of the gut epithelium dynamics during inflammation
  • Novel insights into the cancer genome and epigenome using long-read sequencing and machine learning
  • Pushing the boundaries of CRISPR screens in malaria parasites
  • Synaptic ubiquitin signaling for protein clearance during sleep
  • The organelle landscape of single cortical neurons
  • Unveiling the spatial regulation of chemoresistance in ovarian cancer
  • Verifying CRISPR cures by RNA sequncing

Deadline: 31 May
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Open positions in our three partner nodes

FIMM - Finland
MIMS - Sweden
NCMM - Norway

Group Leader position at EMBL Partner Institute for Genome Editing Technologies

Vilnius University Life Sciences Center EMBL Partnership Institute for Genome Editing Technologies invites applications for a full-time appointment at the rank of Group Leader with an anticipated start date of September 1, 2024.

The VU LSC-EMBL Partnership Institute focuses on research and development of next-generation genome editing tools and technologies, enabling innovative applications and translational research. We seek exceptional candidates with strong expertise in the fields of genome editing, RNA engineering, or delivery technologies. The ideal applicant is an early career researcher, wishing to establish a research group as an independent researcher.

We offer a four-year appointment that includes a competitive salary within an 800,000 EUR starting package, a very collegial working environment and world-class research facilities. This appointment can be extended for five additional years upon positive evaluation.

Other relevant job opportunities