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DANDRITE was established in 2013 as the Danish Node of the Nordic EMBL Partnership in Molecular Medicine, which was made possible thanks to a generous grant from Lundbeckfonden and Aarhus University (read more here).

DANDRITE is hosted by Aarhus University, where DANDRITE is organizationally placed in two departments: the Department of Biomedicine (Faculty of Health) and the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (Faculty of Natural Sciences).

DANDRITE is organized with a 3 three-tier management structure consisting of an Executive Board, a Director, and a Steering Committee.

Scientifically DANDRITE is organized with three Senior Group Leaders, five Group Leaders, three Team leaders, ten affiliated researchers, and the Scientific Advisory Board. Furthermore, collaborators can apply for funding via the DARE program, thereby becoming affiliated as Associate Investigators.

The research activities at DANDRITE are supported by the local DANDRITE administration and the administrative setup at Aarhus University.