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have we launched DANDRITE Inspire?

At DANDRITE we wish to inspire both men and women to see the opportunities and adventures that come with a scientific career. Thus we have created this page to give a unique insight into everyday life as a neuroscientist at DANDRITE.
We call it "DANDRITE Inspire".


is DANDRITE Inspire?

The aim of "DANDRITE Inspire" is to give a unique insight into the work of our talented researchers and let them tell the story of how it is to be a neuroscientist. We want to show their passion, career paths, challenges, and dreams. They all act as role models for the younger generations and only they can tell the story of how it is to choose a career in science and maybe even inspire girls and boys to take the same path.     




do DANDRITE work with diversity?

At DANDRITE we are starting a new initiative, to gain access into the valuable knowledge of our staff and students, called the DANDRITE Diversity Task Force. With this, we are inviting our community to share the challenges they may be experiencing or may be witnessing when going to work, in relation to diversity. Diversity not only concerned with gender, but also ethnicity, age, socio-cultural background, neurodiversity, etc.
In a series of meetings we will work to define tangible challenges and develop solutions, together with our staff and students. In line with the Aarhus University ‘Action plan for gender equality, diversity and inclusion 2023-2025’, we believe the DANDRITE Diversity Task Force can support the goal of creating an inclusive workplace culture, while eliminating unfair barriers towards scientific advancement, and creating a safe and diverse work space for everyone.

Neuroscientist for a day

Alvilda Flensborg and Liv Tarp both attend the Aarhus Statsgymnasium majoring in Biotechnology. They accepted an invitation to come and follow two of our scientists, Assistant Professor Noemie Mermet-Joret and Assistant Professor Andrea Moreno. They are both Neuroscientists working with the memory and learning in the brain. 

Alvilda follows Neuroscientist and Assistant Professor Andrea Moreno for at day

Liv follows Neuroscientist and Assistant Professor Noemie Mermet-Joret for a day

I love Neuroscience, because...

Woman or Man, young or old, tall or low - they are all connected in their passion for Science. Here they tell you why:

Associate Professor Magnus Kjærgaard

Assistant Professor Hanne Poulsen

Associate Professor Sadegh Nabavi

Ph.D.-student Pia Boxy

Ph.D.-student Sean Hansen

Ph.D.-student Kristyna Safrankova

Ph.D.-student Alex Cameron Harvey

Professor Anders Nykjær

Ph.D.-student Lucie Woloszczuková

Professor Poul Nissen

Assistant Professor Lilian Kisiswa

Postdoc Sérgio Eduardo Costa Almeida