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Planning DANDRITE Lectures


Speakers for DANDRITE lectures are specially invited researchers from all over the world of interest for DANDRITE's researchers regarding collaborations & know-how 

Note that guest researchers visiting DANDRITE for separate purposes (such as research visit, exams, etc.) are more than welcome to give a DANDRITE Topical Seminar (Read about planning DANDRITE Topical Seminars here).

Guidelines on how to make suggestions for potential speakers

All DANDRITE’s (groups and affiliated groups) are encouraged to suggest speakers for DANDRITE lectures. The lectures should reflect the diversity of DANDRITE, so please don’t hesitate to make your suggestions.

  • All suggestions for potential speakers for DANDRITE lectures have to be presented in person at a Business Meeting by those making the suggestion (or by a representative who knows the work of the potential speaker).
  • The suggestions will then be processed at the Business Meetings, where it will be decided if the suggested lecture is to be approved. 
  • If you have suggestions please let Maria Thykær Jensen know beforehand and she will add the suggestion to the agenda for the next meeting.
  • Your suggestions should include max. 1 page A4 with the following information:

o   2-3 sentences about the potential speaker’s research

o   Their 5 recent key publications (from approx. last 3 years)

o   2-3 sentences on why the speaker should be invited, thereby stating the relevancy of the speaker for at least 2 groups at DANDRITE

  • "Young DANDRITE" is encouraged to host two speakers each year. Young DANDRITE, as a group, holds the responsibility for the hosting of the speakers.
  • The person suggesting the speaker will also act as the contact person for the speaker, and will be in charge of inviting and hosting the lecture (see host guidelines below).
  • If appropriate, the lecture should be organized jointly with other seminar series, such as The Kjeldgaard Lecture Seminar Series, iNANO, AIAS, iPsych etc. 

Lecture expenses

All DANDRITE lecture expenses are covered by the DANDRITE core project, within the seminar budget as follows:

  • Travel and hotel for the invited speaker:
    All tickets must be on economic fare according to AU's travel guidelines, and the speaker must be informed about this after accepting the speaker invitation.
    Max budget for flights travels: 10,000 DKK (overseas), and 5000 DKK (within Europe).
    Local transport is covered: should be preferably with public transport, but if needed taxi can be covered if reasonable
    Hotel accommodation: must be according to AU's hotel agreement: max 3 nights (overseas) / 2 nights (within Europe).
  • Lunch & dinner:
    Representation expenses
    Lunch budget: max 500 DKK
    Dinner budget: max 2400 DKK (max 800 DKK in total per person though)

Host guidelines

The person who is hosting the speaker has the following tasks:

  • Invite the speaker. Make sure to double check the preferred date for the lecture with the administrative support, so it can be checked that it does not collide with other important events relevant for DANDRITE. Invitation template can be received from the seminar administrator.
  • Ask the speaker to send lecture title, abstract, profile picture and affiliation to the host (who forwards it to the seminar administrator), which should be received at least 14 days before the actual lecture, so the announcement can be send out.
  • Inform the speaker of local transport possibilities between airport and hotel/university. The speaker is encouraged to use the airport bus (convenient and free internet).
  • Please remember to invite other researchers from DANDRITE and the university to meet with the visiting speaker during the visit (and if the host finds it appropriate also invite them for the dinner), if possible and time allows.
  • Introduce the invited speaker at the beginning of the lecture.
  • Book the restaurant for the evening dinner, if the host finds a dinner appropriate. Invite the speaker, and 1-2 other relevant researchers (within the budget, see above). Keep the restaurant receipt, write the names of the participants on the back of the receipt, and get reimbursed via Rejs-Ud after the visit (get project-activity number from the seminar administrator).
  • Make sure to send the Travel reimbursement - Non-AU employees to the speaker, and ask that it is returned filled and signed to the seminar administrator together with receipt copies.


Administrative support

Astrid Munk

Takes care of practical and administrative issues regarding the DANDRITE Seminar Series.

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