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Planning DANDRITE Topical Seminars

Speakers for DANDRITE Topical Seminars are usually researchers visiting the groups at DANDRITE, for instance for research visits, exams, etc. The host decides if they would like to invite the guest to give a Topical Seminar, and it does not need to be approved by the steering group. The DANDRITE Topical Seminars are organized ad hoc, and can be suggested at any time. Please note that DANDRITE does not cover any expenses related to a DANDRITE Topical Seminar, but the seminar administrator will help with organizing. Please note that we can also make the DANDRITE Topical Seminars virtual

Please contact the seminar administrator if you would like to organize a DANDRITE Topical seminar.

Host guidelines

The person who is hosting the speaker has the following tasks:

  • Inform the seminar administrator of the intent to organize a DANDRITE Topical Seminar.
  • Ask the speaker to send seminar title, abstract, profile picture and affiliation to the host (who forwards it to the seminar administrator), which should be received at least 7 days before the actual seminar, so the announcement can be send out, but the earlier the better. 
  • Act as chair and introduce the invited speaker at the beginning of the seminar.

Tasks of seminar administrator

The seminar administrator has the following tasks:

  • Check that the date does not collide with other important events relevant for DANDRITE.
  • Make the poster for announcement, after having received title, abstract, and picture of speaker from the host and/or speaker. 
  • Book a room for the lecture
  • Announce the lecture via outlook and the event calendar on www.dandrite.au.dk 
  • Share the lecture on various online platforms, newsletters, physical posters in the DANDRITE buildings, etc. 

Seminar administrator

Astrid Munk

Research Group Coordinator