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Planning DANDRITE Topical Seminars

DANDRITE Topical Seminars

Speakers for DANDRITE Topical Seminars are usually researchers visiting the groups at DANDRITE


The Group Leader decides if they would like to request/invite the guest to give a Topical Seminar. This is not decided at the steering group meetings (as is DANDRITE Lectures)


Topical Seminar expenses

  • The groups hosting the guest is themselves responsible for covering expenses related to the seminar, such as lunch, unless the guest covers him/her-self. There is no expense reimbursement from the DANDRITE administration.


Host guidelines

  • If the DANDRITE Group Leader wishes to cover travel expenses for the guest, the group leader informs the guest about this. All tickets must be on economic fare according to AU's travel guidelines, and the speaker must be informed about this. Make sure to send the  Travel reimbursement - Non-AU employees to the speaker, and ask that it is returned filled and signed to the seminar administrator together with receipt copies.
  • Ask the speaker to send lecture title, abstract, profile picture and affiliation to the host (who forwards it to the seminar administrator), which should be received if possible at least 1-2 weeks before the actual lecture, so the announcement can be send out.
  • Inform the speaker of local transport possibilities between airport and hotel/university. The speaker is encouraged to use the airport bus (convenient and free internet).
  • Introduce the invited speaker at the beginning of the lecture.


Tasks done by the seminar administrator

  • Setup of announcement in the DANDRITE Topical Seminar template
  • Announcement of the seminar in (bi)weekly event mail to everyone in DANDRITE, and the Dept. Molecular Biology and Genetics, and Dept. Biomedicine
  • Add seminar to eventlist and list of Topical Seminars at the DANDRITE website
  • Physical hang-ups of the announcement at DANDRITE locations (Dept. Molecular Biology and Genetics, and Dept. Biomedicine)