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Laboratory Technicians


Mailinglist for all DANDRITE technicians: techs.DANDRITE@maillist.au.dk

Spokesperson on behalf of technicians at DANDRITE

Laboratory technician Bjarke Thomsen

Contact information

As the spokesperson on behalf of the technicians at DANDRITE, Bjarke attends the monthly Extended Business meetings at DANDRITE (find more information regarding the monthly meetings here)

Technicians in DANDRITE Group leader's research groups

Nissen Group

Jensen Group

Yonehara Group

Bjarke Thomsen

Laboratory Technician

Nabavi Group

Kvitsiani Group

Anna Barta

Laboratory Technician

Kitazawa group

Kim Group

Noor De Jong

Laboratory Technician



Technicians in DANDRITE Team leader's research groups

Poulsen Group



Technicians in DANDRITE Affiliated Research groups

Capogna Group

Füchtbauer Group

Tine Birch

Laboratory Technician

Schallburg Group

Romero-Ramos Group

Gitte Ulbjerg Toft

Laboratory Technician

Hvarregaard Group

Radulovic Group