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Animal work

Info for animal work

In order to strengthen a good work practice a set of basic user requirements for handling animals has been made. All newcomers must go through these before initiating their work in 1182.

After going through the requirements, the document "Basic user requirements for handling animals" (see below) must be signed by: Group leader, the relevant animal caretaker, and the newcomer and send for archive to Maria: mtj@dandrite.au.dk. 

All animal experiments carried out in 1182 must be well described and the description send to Jakob Harslund for approval before starting the experiment.

We urge you to consult http://dyrefaciliteter.au.dk/en/ for more information about the animal facilities and their requirements

Phone number for on-call guard animal caretaker: +45 28 99 24 71

Contact persons

DANDRITE Contact person for Class 2 work in 1182

Bjarke Thomsen

Laboratory Technician