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Study opportunities

Yonglun Luo's lab


We have bachelor, master and PhD projects available in: modeling of EGFR eccDNA biology in cancers (EU Horizon 2020 funded project), studying of endothelial cell heterogeneity and metabolism in pig organs for xenotransplantation (DFF funded), development of CRISPR technology for gene therapy (AUFF funded), CRISPR-based screening of drugable genes in Tauopathy for treatment of AD (Lundbeck A/S funded) and several other collaborative projects in CRISPR technology development. 

Study opportunities

Our group is running several projects in genome technologies, gene therapy, biomarker screening and xenotransplantation. We have small-to-large projects available for students at different levels from bachelor students to PhD students.

Currently, our research laboratory is physically located at the SKOU building. The PIs are also affiliated with the Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus. Thus, we have translational projects carrying out between the department of Biomedicine and SDCA. We normally have several studies available for bachelor, research year and master projects. Just come and ask.    

We love to receive enthusiastic and dedicated students, with a strong will to learn about CRISPR gene editing, gene and cell therapy, biomarkers and therapeutic candidate screening for human disease.  


CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing: for knockout, single nucleotide mutagenesis, tagging endogenous genes with fluorescence genes, and base editing in human/porcine cells.

Lentivirus-based CRISPR genome-wide knockout, base editing CRISPR gRNA pools for genetic screening.

Biomarker screening in TAU aggregation.

RNA sequencing and transcriptome analysis.

Single cell RNA, ATAC sequencing, and bioinformatic analysis in single cell RNA-seq data.

Single cell/nucleic suspension preparation from all major tissues/organs from pigs and humans.


Biosensor systems for tracing eccDNA in human cells.