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Morten Schallburg Nielsen

Transport across the Blood Brain Barrier

Research Focus

Our primary focus is receptor-mediated transport systems in brain endothelial cells, which have the potential to mediate transcytosis of nanocarriers across the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB). Though, previous studies using the transferrin receptor and LRP1 have succeeded in transporting drugs across the endothelium, the mechanisms are far from understood. In our group we will characterize different subcellular trafficking routes of known and novel receptors in brain endothelial cells, in order to find the optimal receptor systems for drug delivery to the brain.


Our studies are primarily based on state-of-the-arte imaging system such as confocal, spinning disk, high content screening and TIRF in combination with in vitro BBB models using primary cells from mouse and pig brain.      

Additional techniques applied in the laboratory includes cell culture, transient and stable knockdown, protein/RNA/DNA biochemistry, molecular cloning, radioimmuno-based assays, subcellular fractionation, co-immunoprecipitation, antibody production and purification, Next Generation Sequencing, luciferase validation, qPCR and more.

Available projects

Our work includes a detailed classification of the endo-lysosomal system and functional internalization mechanisms in in vitro models of the BBB, testing particle penetrance across the BBB of modified nanoparticles and advancement of fluorescence techniques.