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Morten Schallburg Nielsen's lab

Example of a current/available student project(s) (Bachelor/Master/PhD)

New methods to detect drug delivery over the BBB; It is very difficult to quantify and detect drug delivery over the BBB. By use of Green Fluorescent Proteins, we wish to set up a new method that that result in a fluorescent signal after a potential drug target has been transcytosed over the BBB and contact astrocytic endfeets.

Lab background:

Drugs are difficult to transport into the brain parenchyma due to an effective Blood Brain Barrier. Using in vitro BBB models base on primary brain endothelial cells, astrocytes and pericytes, we follow the subcellular trafficking of different types of receptors to find potential candidates for drug delivery into the brain. Recently we also started up working with models based pluripotent human stem cells from healthy and diseased patients.


We use primary brain cells to establish our BBB models, and beside basic cell biology we use several different advanced imaging systems such as spinning disk confocal, high content screening and TRIF

The successful applicant is:

interested to work with cellular models and imaging equiptment. A broad background in basic cell biology methods is preferred.