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Felicity Davis Lab

Example of a current/available student project(s) (Bachelor/Master/PhD) with a headline + 2 sentences describing the project:

We have a fully funded PhD position available to study intra- and inter- cellular calcium signalling in the development, function and dysregulation of mammalian epithelia. The lab has a particular interest in the mammary gland (breast) during the stages of embryonic development, puberty, lactation, involution and tumorigenesis.

Lab background:

We are primarily based in the Department of Biomedicine (Skou Building) at Aarhus University. Due to our interest and expertise in intracellular calcium signalling, oxytocin signalling and volumetric imaging, we are an Affiliate Research Group with DANDRITE. The lab head, Assoc. Prof Felicity Davis also has an affiliation with the EMBL-Australia Node for Single Molecule Science in Sydney, Australia, where she runs a second laboratory. Diversity, equity and inclusion are guiding principles in our group.


Our research uses genetically-engineered mouse models and quantitative imaging (across the scales of cells, tissues and whole organs).

The successful applicant is:

Curious, enthusiastic, creative and kind (the rest we can teach you!). We believe that the best (and most enjoyable) science requires diversity of thought from diverse minds, so all are encouraged to discuss opportunities to study in the lab.

Other student (master/PhD) projects available:

Masters projects are also available upon discussion.