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Are you looking for a Bachelor, Master or PhD project within neuroscience?

Then join DANDRITE Student ENCOUNTERS 2023 and get inspiration and insights on opportunities for student projects in DANDRITE’s different research groups.

During ENCOUNTERS our research groups provide lab introductions with Q&A sessions to interested students. This is a unique opportunity to hear about astonishing research within the neurobiological field and to get insights on project opportunities. 

Date: 28 February 2023 at 15:15 - 18:00
Place: Twin Auditorium 1324-011, Bartholins Allé 10
Deadline for registration: 26 February


Groups giving introductions for ENCOUNTERS 2023

Vanwalleghem Lab
Gut-brain axis in larval zebrafish

Follow the link to read more about Vanwalleghem lab and project opportunities.

Nabavi Lab
Memory formation and consolidation at the synaptic and circuit levels

Follow the link to read more about Nabavi lab and about project opportunities.

Denham Lab
Modelling Human Neural Development and Disease with Stem Cells

Follow the link to read more about Denham lab and project opportunities.

Lou Lab
Laboratory for Applied Genome Technologies and Regenerative Medicine

Follow the link to read more about Lou lab and project opportunities.

Jensen Lab
Parkinson’s disease – Disease mechanisms and nerve cell protective strategies

Follow the link to read more about Jensen lab and project opportunities.

Nykjær Lab
Receptors in mental disorders and memory

Follow the link to read more about Nykjær lab and project opportunities.

Radulovic Lab
Neurobiology of stress-related memories 

Follow the link to read more about Radulovic lab and project opportunities.

Kitazawa Lab
Molecular basis of neuroplasticity

Follow the link to read more about Kitazawa lab and project opportunities.

Kvitsiani Lab
Neuronal Basis of Decision-making in Fruit Flies and Mice

Follow the link to read more about Kvitsiani lab and project opportunities.

Yonehara Lab
Structure, function and development of neural circuits in visual system

Follow the link to read more about Yonehara lab and project opportunities.

Poulsen Lab
Electrophysiology of electrogenic transporters and ion channels

Follow the link to read more about Poulsen lab and project opportunities.

Nissen Lab
Structural and Functional Studies of Membrane Transporters in Brain

Follow the link to read more about Nissen lab and project opportunities.  

Davis Lab
Intracellular calcium signaling

Follow the link to read more about Davis lab and project opportunities.


DANDRITE is a center committed to research about the molecular mechanisms that controls the signaling and communication pathways in the brain and nervous system. These are of considerable importance for behaviour, senses and consciousness, as well as for neurological and psychiatric conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, depression and schizophrenia. DANDRITE is the Danish node of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine.