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Welcome to the DANDRITE Student Encounters

February 27th 2024

Are you looking for a Bachelor, Master or PhD project within neuroscience? Then join the DANDRITE Encounters 2024 and get inspiration and insights on opportunities for student projects in DANDRITE’s different research groups. During ENCOUNTERS our research groups provide lab introductions with Q&A sessions to interested students. This is a unique opportunity to hear about astonishing research within the neurobiological field and to get insights on project opportunities. 

The DANDRITE Student Encounters takes place on February 27th 2024 at 15:15 in the Twin Auditorium 1324-025 (Bartholins Allé10, 8000 Aarhus C). Sign up now!

Meet two of our students (videos are in Danish)

Mia is a master's student in Jensen Lab Mia is studying medicine at Aarhus University. Here, she shares a glimpse into her research on testing potential treatments for Parkinson's disease.
Andreas is a master's student in Nabavi Lab Andreas is a master's student in neuroscience at Copenhagen University. In this video he gives you a glimpse into his everyday life doing research in how to study fear in mice.

Labs you can meet at the Encounters 2024