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Associated researchers

The DANDRITE core research structure comprises four Senior Group Leaders (SGL) plus five Group Leaders (GL) and an administrative unit. Furthermore, DANDRITE associates other researchers through two different instruments:

i) Team Leaders (TL)

ii) Affiliated Researchers (AR)

Associate Membership serves as a strategic tool for the further development of DANDRITE’s research focus areas and must be of mutual benefit. The selection criteria for associating a researcher is foremost on scientific excellence and scientific complementation.

Aspiration for TL or AR status must be addressed to the DANDRITE steering committee with a concise motivation letter (submitted to the DANDRITE director, one-page maximum). Approval of the request for TL or AR status is approved by the DANDRITE steering committee and reported to the executive board. The approval is followed by a presentation at a DANDRITE Internal Meeting (bimonthly schedule).

Definition of Team leader (TL)

A maximum of four TL can be associated to DANDRITE. They must complement infrastructural or research-oriented strategies in DANDRITE.

A TL holds a non-tenured junior group leader position/assistant professorship/tenure track professorship at Aarhus University (AU).

The appointment as DANDRITE TL is for 3 years with possible extensions for a total of maximum 8 years.

DANDRITE TL status is concluded earlier if a permanent position at associate professor level is obtained, and may then continue the current year out. After that its possible to continue as an affiliated researcher by application. 

Salaries and general running expenses are not funded by DANDRITE. Specific equipment and project expenses can be financed by DANDRITE if aligned with core strategies of DANDRITE.

TLs have access to the DANDRITE infrastructure (expertise and equipment) and administrative support on similar terms as group leaders.

TLs participate in the monthly Extended Business Meetings and all internal communications and activities at DANDRITE

TLs qualify as internal DANDRITE applicants for DARE proposals. In addition to the general criteria for DARE programs. TL applications for DARE will be evaluated on their strategic value to DANDRITE.

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Definition of DANDRITE Affiliated Researcher (AR)

A maximum of 12 AR can be associated. AR is typically an AU researcher with permanent positions and with a close research association to one or more DANDRITE GL (e.g. through joint grants/research centers, shared facilities). The affiliation can also serve to strengthen strategic infrastructures that are of key importance to DANDRITE.

AR have qualifications and position at associated professor level or higher.

The appointment as AR is for 3 year time periods with reappointments based on a renewed expression of interest and approval.

For projects associated with DANDRITE, AR have access to DANDRITE research infrastructures (expertise and equipment) on similar terms as group leaders.

AR take part in all internal DANDRITE communications and activities.

Group members of AR labs are free to participate in the bi-weekly internal meetings and may participate by invitation to DANDRITE-financed activities such as retreats and workshops.

AR can represent DANDRITE on collaborative initiatives, such as international networks.

AR are represented by a spokesperson at the monthly Extended Business Meetings.

AR have access to DARE programs through a DANDRITE GL as the formal applicant and grant holder. AR cannot be external partners of a DARE project.

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