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Steering committee

The steering committee of DANDRITE consists of the Director, the senior Group leaders, a permanent administrative support team, and two representatives of the recruited Group leaders on a two-year rotation basis. Rotation takes place in August each year. 

The steering committee is responsible for the development of the research strategy, planning and coordination of activities, and distribution of the budget. The steering committee will also be responsible for ensuring the exploitation of the results of DANDRITE research.

The steering committee meetings take place weekly on Mondays from 10:00-10:30.

Currently, the steering committee consists of:

Prof. Poul Henning Jensen, Interim Director and Senior Group Leader
Prof. Anders Nykjær, Senior Group Leader
Prof. Jelena Radulovic, Senior Group Leader
Assoc. prof. Magnus Kjærgaard, Senior Group Leader
Assoc. prof. Taro Kitazawa, Group Leader
Assoc. prof. Thomas Kim, Group Leader
Maria Thykær Jensen, Chief Administrative Officer
Astrid Munk, Research Group Coordinator and Event Coordinator
Rikke S. Lindhard, Research Group Coordinator and Communications Officer
Susanne Schousboe Sjøgaard, PROMEMO Center Manager

Extended Business Meetings

DANDRITE's Steering Committee, all Group leaders, all Team leaders, and spokespersons on behalf of Affiliated researchers, postdocs, PhD students, and technicians, meet monthly to discuss relevant matters at the Extended Business Meeting. Suggestions for potential speakers for a DANDRITE Lecture have to be presented in person at an Extended Business Meeting by those making the suggestion (or by a representative who knows the work of the potential speaker).

The Extended Business Meeting takes place the second Monday each month from 10:30-11:30.

See overview of staff spokespersons here