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Study opportunities

Available projects:


Bachelor project – Immunohistochemical analysis of pathologic a-syn in brains from mouse model of Parkinson’s diseaseThe project investigates how the spreading of pathologic a-syn in brain is affected by chronic pharmacologic manipulation of intracellular calcium in a mouse model of Parkinson’s disease.

Master project – Early Pathogenic gene expression response in neuron during intracellular a-syn aggregation. This project investigates the pathogenic gene expression response in neurons during intracellular deposition of protein aggregation. Aim is to identify early therapeutic targets that can be modulated to prevent the protein aggregation-induced cellular dysfunction and cell death.

PhD project – Effects of neuronal alpha-synuclein aggregation of presynaptic functions. Alpha-synuclein is an abundant protein in the nerve terminal where we hypothesise the initial aggregation occurs. The project is a continuation of a previous work and will focus on effects on calcium homeostasis, clearance of aggregates and role in spreading of aggregate seeds to connected neurons, whereby the disease spreads through the tissue.


Lab background:

Our group has long record in studying alpha.synuclein and its relation to Parkinson’s disease and dementia. We have generated several tools and models that allows studies of abnormal forms of alpha-synuclein in models and human tissue. We work at several levels ranging from protein chemistry, antibody generation, modeling in cells and cultured brain tissue slices to in vivo models of native and transgenic animals and human brain tissue. Most project are collaborative and involves interaction with expert lab in selected fields.


Protein expression and purification, chromatography, SDS-PAGE, immunoblotting, molecular biology, qPCR, cell culture of cell lines, primary brain cells and organotypic brain slices, histochemical analyses, animal modeling, behavioral analyses. Microscopic imaging.

The successful applicant is:

The Neurodegenerative Disease Laboratory is seeking enthusiastic and skilled students interested in conducting their bachelor and master studies in the group. Students finding our research of interest are most welcome to contact us for potential projects that often will be associated to active postdoc and Ph.D. projects to ensure a stroing supervision.

Please contact Group Leader Poul Henning Jensen directly, if interested