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Marina Romero-Ramos

Study and Characterization of the neurodegenerative event in Parkinson’s Disease and the associated immune response.

CNS Disease Modelling Group & NEURODIN

Research Focus:

My lab works on understanding the progressive changes related to the neurodegenerative process of a-synucleinopathies, such as Parkinson’s Disease. We study early pathological changes induced by the mishandling of a-synuclein using in vivo modeling of the disease, behavioral tests, followed by anatomical analysis of brain pathology and the different cell populations relevant in disease using histological techniques. We also investigate the potential of novel neuroprotective strategies in different animal models of the disease.

During the last seven years our lab has investigated the immune response and the role of immune cells, both in brain but also in the periphery, in the disease progression. For this, besides the techniques mentioned, we also use cytometry to analyze immune cell populations. Our main focus is to further understand, the different cell populations as well as the proteins involved in the neuroinflammatory process of these diseases with an ultimate focus on describing novel targets for therapy and define disease biomarkers.

Available projects

We have available projects for Master and PhD students. Please contact Marina Romero-Ramos directly for more information, if interested.