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Student project: Protein de novo design in neuroscience

Deep learning is currently revolutionizing protein science, which opens up many new applications in neuroscience that were previously unimaginable. Recent deep learning models are able to design proteins never seen in nature – so-called de novo design. These proteins often have properties that are superior to natural proteins in terms of stability and folding. We seek to exploit this revolution by developing protein binders of important targets in neuroscience. As a student, you can become part of this effort – typically by taking charge of a design target under the close supervision of a senior colleague.

What will I learn?

In all projects, you will learn how to express, purify, and characterize proteins biophysically with an emphasis on high-through put workflows for protein design. Projects may also involve characterization of de novo designed proteins in cultured cells and using structural biology techniques. Depending on the length of the project and the degree of computational interest, it will also be possible to learn to apply state-of-the-art deep learning approaches for computational protein design.

Who can apply?

Students interested in Bachelor, Erasmus and Master projects are always welcome to contact Magnus directly. Interested students will be invited to visit the lab to discuss potential projects and meet lab members. Ph.D. and postdoc projects are announced when funding is available, but you are welcome to contact Magnus to discuss an application for an individual fellowship.