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Study opportunities

Christian Vægter's lab

Lab background:
Our group consists of one group leader, 3 senior scientists (2 assistant professors and 1 associate professor), 2 PhD students, a technician as well as a varying number of undergraduate students. As a student in our group, you will work closely with a senior scientist who will help you getting started and supervise you in the lab. We have regular lab meetings and journal club, and a relaxed and informal atmosphere with weekly lunch together. 

Available projects:
Our aim is to understand how peripheral glia cells affect neuronal functionality in health but also following nerve injury, in diseases such as diabetes (diabetic neuropathy), or following treatment of cancer by chemotherapeutics (CIPN).

Projects are regularly available for Bachelor, Master, PhD and research year students in the group. Topics include (but are not limited to): 

  • PNS injury and disease (traumatic injury, diabetes, chemotherapy, inflammation etc)
  • SGC and Schwann cell response on transcriptional and protein level
  • Schwann cell and SGC communication with axons by exosomes 
  • Spinal cord plasticity in pain processes


Specific project details are based on interests and on-going projects at the time of start-up.

We use a variety of methods centering around mouse models of nerve injury. Analysis range from molecular biology, transcriptional studies, primary cell cultures, exosomes, microsurgery and more. 

The successful applicant is:
Motivated and curious, and not afraid to engage in new complex assays. Humor and positive attitude is appreciated. 

Please contact Christian Vægter directly, if interested.