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Affiliated Researchers

Olav Andersen

Affiliated Researcher, Associate Professor

Transport receptors in neurodevelopment and degeneration (TREND)

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Thomas Boesen

Affiliated Researcher, Associate Professor

Biological Microcables, Bacterial Pathogenesis and Neurotransmitter Transport

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Marco Capogna

Affiliated Researcher, Professor

Amygdala-hippocampal-cortical circuits in health and disease

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Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer

Affiliated Researcher
, Associate Professor

Collaborate with several DANDRITE researches in the generation of genetically modified mice and differentiation of murine ES cells.

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Jane Hvarregaard Christensen

Affiliated Researcher, Associate Professor

Mental disorders - Genes and disease mechanisms

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Jørgen Kjems

Affiliated Researcher, Professor, Director

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Morten Schallburg Nielsen 

Affiliated Researcher, Associate Professor

Receptor-mediated transport systems in brain endothelial cells

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Marina Romero-Ramos

Affiliated Researcher, Associate Professor

Study and Characterization of the neurodegenerative event in Parkinson’s Disease and the associated immune response.

CNS Disease Modelling Group & NEURODIN

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Christian Vægter

Affiliated Researcher, Associate Professor

PNS neuron-glia interactions in health and disease - implications in Pain and Regenerative Processes

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Thomas Willnow

Affiliated Researcher, Professor

Willnow group – Metabolic basis of neurodegeneration

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Yonglun Luo

Affiliated Researcher, Associate Professor

Laboratory for Applied Genome Technologies and Regenerative Medicine

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Jelena Radulovic

Affiliated Researcher, Professor

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