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DANDRITE Scientific Advisory Board meeting 2020 (virtual)

DANDRITE's virtual Scientific Advisory Board meeting will take place on 
Tuesday May 26th – Wednesday May 27th, 2020




Program outline for the virtual SAB meeting:

-        Day 1 from 14:00 – 19:45:
Presentations by DANDRITE’s group leaders and team leaders

-        Day 2 from 8:30-11:45 and 14:30-19:00: 
Closed interviews, presentations by DANDRITE’s core group leaders, meetings, and finally closed SAB discussions and feedback

Program notes

Time-points in program are in Danish time (CEST).

All presentations will be recorded in Zoom and send to SAB members after the presentation, so it is available for those not able to attend the scheduled presentation, and as reference before the closed interview on day 2.

Invited meeting participants

Everyone listed is attending, unless otherwise specified in the program

Scientific Advisory Board members (SAB):
Yang Dan attends from San Francisco (CEST: -9:00)
Glenda Halliday attends from Sydney (CEST: +8:00)
Mart Saarma attends from Finland (CEST: +1:00)
Rüdiger Klein attends from Germany (CEST)
Matthias Wilmanns attends from Germany (CEST)
Carl Petersen attends from Switzerland (CEST)
Veerle Baekelandt attends from Belgium (CEST)
Elena Cattaneo attends from Italy (CEST)
Ole Kiehn attends from Denmark (CEST)

The Lundbeck Foundation:
Jan Egebjerg, Senior Vice President, Grants & Prizes, Director of Science
Lars Thorup, Programme Manager 

Aarhus University management:
Erik Ø. Jensen, Head of Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Thomas G. Jensen, Head of Department of Biomedicine

DANDRITE group leaders (GLs):
Mark Denham
Sadegh Nabavi
Duda Kvitsiani
Anne von Philipsborn
Keisuke Yonehara 

DANDRITE team leaders (TLs):
Hanne Poulsen
Tomonori Takeuchi
Magnus Kjærgaard 

DANDRITE core group leaders (core GLs):
Anders Nykjær
Poul Henning Jensen
Poul Nissen 

DANDRITE Admin. Support Team (admins):
Maria Thykær Jensen (Chief Admin. Officer)
Karen Bech-Pedersen (PA for Poul Nissen)




Due to COVID19 situation, the DANDRITE's SAB meeting 2020 will be held virtually. The DANDRITE retreat is postponed to June 2021. 

Only group leaders and team leaders are requested to attend the virtual Scientific Advisory Board meeting, without group members. Group leaders and team leaders attendances are requested at the welcoming sessions both days, all presentations (session 1 & 3), your own closed interview only (either session 2 or 5), and the feedback from 18:30 on day 2.