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DANDRITE Retreat 2023

DANDRITE Retreat 2023

Dates: 23-24 May, 2023
Venue: Kysthotellet

The DANDRITE Retreat 2023 will be held at Kysthotellet and DANDRITE students, technicians, PhD students, postdocs, affiliated researchers and team/group leaders are invited.

Time: 23 - 24 May 2023 

Place: Kysthotellet, Kystvej 26, 8500 Grenaa

Registration is closed. 

NB! Participation is free of charge, as DANDRITE covers participation for everyone. Please ask your PI, before you register for the event. Your registration is binding after the registration deadline. In case of no-show or cancelling without a valid reason, we will charge the PI a fee of 750 DKK. The reason being that DANDRITE will be charged for our reservations (conference package pr. participant).

Scientific Programme Committee & YoDA

Scientific programme committee 

  • Poul Henning Jensen, senior Group Leader 

  • Taro Kitazawa, Group Leader  

  • Thomas Kim, Group Leader  

  • Gilles Vanwalleghem, Team Leader 

  • Yonglun Luo, Affiliated Researcher 

  • Felicity Davis, Affiliated Researcher  

  • Pia Boxy, PhD student (Nykjær lab)  

  • Audrey Inge Schytz Andersen-Civil, Postdoc (Vanwalleghem lab)  

  • Astrid Munk, Research Group Coordinator  

Members of YoDA organizing team

  • Kristyna Safrankova, PhD student (Nykjær lab)
  • Pia Boxy, PhD student (Nykjær lab)
  • Karen Marie Juul Sørensen, PhD student (Nykjær lab)
  • Lucie Woloszczuková, PhD student (Nykjær lab)
  • Sean Hansen, PhD student (Nissen lab)
  • Nanna Møller Jensen, PhD student (Jensen lab)
  • Rachel Kelly, Postdoc (Denham lab)

Speed talk presenters

  • 'CryoEM' by Postdoc Rasmus Flygaard (Nissen lab)
  • 'Protein production in mammalian cell lines' by Postdoc Charlott Stock (Nissen lab)
  • 'Light-sheet microscopy' by PhD student Rajlakshmi Sawale (Vanwalleghem lab)
  • 'CRISPR' by Postdoc Julie Lund Petersen (Luo Lab)
  • 'Trans-synaptic tracing' by Postdoc Monica Dahlstrup Sietam (Yonehara lab)
  • Volumetric imaging of epithelia’ by Postdoc Mathilde Folacci (Davis lab)
  • 'Calcium imaging and network analysis in organotypic brain slices' by PhD student Kristyna Safrankova (Nykjær lab)
  • Genomics of neuronal ensemble’ by Postdoc Valentina Khalil (Kitazawa lab)
  • ‘Using preformed alpha-synuclein fibrils to model the impact of neurodegenerative stress on neurobiological processes’ by PhD student Hjalte Gram (Jensen lab)
  • ‘In vivo cell transplantation’ by Postdoc Rachel Kelly (Denham lab)
  • ‘Large-scale single cell calcium imaging from freely moving mice’ by Assistant Professor Noemie Mermet-Joret (Nabavi lab)

NB! The presentations will not neccessarily be given in the stated order.

Posters for the 'Market place'

  • Postdoc Milad Nazari (Nabavi lab)
  • Postdoc Audrey Inge Schytz Civil (Vanwalleghem lab)
  • PhD student Camilla Blunk Brandt (Luo lab)
  • Postdoc Haruka Yamamoto (Yonehara lab)
  • PhD student Laura Bjerre Andersen (Davis lab)
  • PhD student Kristyna Safrankova (Nykjær lab)
  • Associate Professor Taro Kitazawa (Kitazawa lab)
  • PhD student Hjalte Gram (Jensen lab)
  • Postdoc Rachel Kelly (Denham lab)
  • Postdoc João Carlos Moreno Ramos (Nissen lab)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - workshop by Living Institute

In this workshop, we will explore what Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) can bring to academia. We will sort out the myths from the facts and discuss implications for our work. We will also take a dive into unconscious biases to learn why Diversity without Inclusion is a really bad idea... And you might just experience one or two of your own biases. But don’t worry, you will get concrete ideas and tools to help promote DEI in your context of work and avoid biases.

The workshop will be facilitated by Kasper Jelsbech Knudsen, PhD in Anthropology and Partner at Living Institute, a DEI consultancy. Read more about Kasper and Living Institute here.