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Quick guide for printing at Dept. Biomedicine

Quick guide for printing at Dept. Biomedicine

Here are guidelines for connecting your PC/Mac to the printers in the Skou building (building 1116):


There are copy machines on all floors that you can print to via FollowMe. The machines on floors 2 to 4 are identical and basic machines, while the machine on the 1st floor is somewhat larger and has booklet printing and folding. If you have problems with FollowMe print, please contact the IT support. The printer rooms are provided with paper cutters, staplers etc. On the 1st floor the printer room is provided with more and bigger equipment than on the other floors.

Windows PC:

  • Copy this link: \\papercut01t.uni.au.dk\FollowMe (or write it) into "Search" on Windows - next to the flag in the left corner on the screen
  • Alternatively you can write  <\\papercut01t.uni.au.dk > in the Finder, right-click and choose "Connect" or double-click on "FollowMe"

Mac: (Logged on with AUID (AUITUtility))

  • It can be installed from "ManagedSoftwareCenter"
  • or cursor on "Printers", then scroll down and choose "FollowMe"
  • The driver is pre-selected to "Xerox AltaLink C8070", which is correct
  • When the printer is installed paper trays, hole punch etc., must be configured.
  • Go to "Apple", -> "System Prefernces" , "Printers & Scanners"
    • Choose "FollowMe"
    • Choose "Options & Supplies"
    • Choose the tab "Options"
      • Paper Trays: 5 Trays (High Capacity Tandem Trays) 
      • Hole Punch Module: 2 and 4 Hole Punch Unit
      • 3 x “not Installed
      • Job Storage Module: Installed (pre-selected)
      • Finisher: BR Booklet Maker Finisher
    • <OK>

Mac: (Logged on with local user (without AU Utility))

If you can't make it work, contact the Helpdesk on 871 50922.