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Business cards

If you want to make your own business cards, there are the following options:


Use AU’s online business card portal and price agreement

You can make and order your business card through the university, who has negotiated a good price with the company “Rosendahls - Schultz Grafisk A/S”:

Follow the guide to create business cards here


Choose the design you prefer:

See possible designs and guidelines here


DANDRITE is to be found on the unit list at the company online business card portal.

Note that DANDRITE is only added to the English version of the business cards. In case it is needed, we can have it added to the Danish version as well.

If you would like the DANDRITE logo on the front page, you have to upload the white version of the DANDRITE logo. You can find all versions of our logo here  

Tip: In the online portal you will have a number of text field available, and you are encouraged to fill them as you want to, and not as the field was “named”.

The agreement with this company is NOT obligatory, so you are also welcome to print your own business card as custom made in the city, see guidelines in the next section.


Make your own custom made business cards in the city

If you would like to make your own custom made business card, you are of course welcome to do so (e.g. in case you would like nice illustrations of your research on it). Unfortunately, I cannot offer to do this for you. You can get your custom made business cards printed at the university printing SUN tryk, or at any printing house in the city (e.g. with the companies Lasertryk or Damgaard Jensen). You are allowed to pay for the custom made business cards with your AU administered project accounts.


Electronic business card

For those of you, who would like electronic business cards, I suggest you check out the apps called CardFlick (only for piPhones) or CardFlick (for both iPhones and Androids). Both are free apps.

The university does not have support for this unfortunately.

There are also apps to scan paper business cards that you have collected over the years… check the app CamCard Lite!