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Welcome to Joao Ramos who has started as postdoc in Poul Nissen Group in collaboration with Thomas Lykke-Møller Sørensen

Joao will be studying the dynamic role of Sortilin-related CNS-expressed receptor 2 (SorCS2) in synaptic plasticity, implicated in memory formation. He will perform single-particle Cryo-EM studies on SorCS2 complexes with various neurotrophins/neuroreceptors. These data will be crucial for the characterisation and localisation of SorCS2 complexes in tomograms of hippocampal neurons/synaptosomes from mutant and wild-type mice. Ultimately, this work could elucidate the molecular mechanism behind some neurological and psychological disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases associated with impairment of synaptic plasticity.