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Two large grants

Professor-chair of DCE Henrik Toft Sørensen has received a large grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark and PhD student Marie Dahl Jørgensen has received a full scholarship to pay for her PhD project.

Professor-chair Henrik Toft Sørensen, MD, PhD, DMSc, DSc, has received DKK 2,788,848 for the project “Psychiatric disorders and venous thromboembolism: risk and prognosis”. The aim of the project is to examine whether the association between psychiatric disorders and the risk of venous thromboembolism is related to treatment for the disorder or to lifestyle factors, such as smoking, alcohol abuse, and obesity.

PhD student Marie Dahl Jørgensen, MSPH, has received a full scholarship from the Graduate School of Health for her PhD project with the title “Physical activity and spontaneous abortion: A cohort study and a randomized controlled trial”. The aim of the project is to investigate how physical activity in the pre-pregnancy period and in early pregnancy may influence the risk of spontaneous abortion in the SnartForældre.dk-cohort using data from questionnaires, registries, and activity trackers.