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Review of axon initial segment published by Poul Nissen Group

The review is entitled "Mind the Gap: Molecular Architecture of the Axon Initial Segment – From Fold Prediction to a Mechanistic Model of Function?" and is published in Journal of Molecular Biology by group members Esben M. Quistgaard, Josephine Dannersø Nissen, Sean Hansen, and Poul Nissen.


The axon initial segment (AIS) is a distinct neuronal compartment that is responsible for initiating action potentials, and thus critical for neuronal signaling. In this article, which is part of the special issue “Protein structure, folding and design - AlphaFold”, we briefly review the function and ultrastructure of the AIS, and discuss ways in which to obtain information that can bridge micrographs of the intact AIS and high-resolution structures of individual purified AIS proteins. In this context, we also discuss the possible use of protein fold recognition software such as AlphaFold for studying higher-order protein assemblies in the AIS.

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