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Poul Nissen continues as appointed director of DANDRITE

We are very happy to announce that core group leader Poul Nissen will continue as the director of DANDRITE, appointed by the executive board. The appointment is for the second 5 year period per 5 March 2018. Poul Nissen was first appointed founding director for one year in 2013 and then as the director for four years in 2014. The leadership will continue the united forces of the core group leaders, the DANDRITE administration support team, and the steering committee in defining the directions and new initiatives of DANDRITE.

The appointment also marks the beginning of DANDRITE´s second phase, having recently been approved by the Board of the Lundbeck Foundation and Aarhus University to operate for a second five-year period starting March 2018.

Read also the news article on DANDRITE's prolongation:
DANDRITE receives a 5-year prolongation grant of DKK 60 million from Lundbeckfonden