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Nykjær Lab graduates yet another PhD

Friday 12 April, Karen Marie Juul Sørensen from Nykjær Lab defended her PhD titled "The VPS10P Domain Receptor Sortilin in Excitatory and Inhibitory Neurons".

From the left: Prof. Thomas Willnow, Prof. Anders Nykjær, PhD Karen Marie Juul Sørensen and Prof. Guido Hervey Photo: Emma Sommer

The aim of the PhD study was to investigate the role of sortilin in different neuronal subpopulations and its implications in behavior, learning and memory. To accomplish this, Karen Marie generated mice with conditional sortilin deletion in inhibitory or excicatory neurons, respectively. Sortilin deletion was induced selectively in inhibitory neurons of Sort1, Gad2-Cre mice and in excitatory neurons of Sort1, Nex-Cre mice, respectively. Utilizing these mice, she investigated the cell type specific impact of sortilin deletion, and how this affected behavior, synaptic transmission, neuronal network activity and synaptic proteome profile. 

Karen Marie Juul Sørensen will continue as a postdoc in Nykjær Lab.