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Jeppe A. Nielsen is new PhD Student in Nissen lab

Jeppe is new PhD student in Nissen's group. About his PhD project Jeppe writes: "A model of the holo-insulin receptor (hIR) complex with insulin is “the holy grail” in the structural biology of insulin signaling. Atomic 3D models of hIR will provide insight into the determinants of insulin binding and recognition and depict the transmembrane signalling mechanism. It will connect the structural and functional data already available on intra- and extracellular components.

CryoEM has in the last years advanced to a technique capable of resolving atomic details of larger bio-molecules and their complexes. Applied to hIR and complexes with insulin and insulin mimetics, we will gain critical, new knowledge ensuring state-of- the art analogues design essential for current and future insulin project portfolios".