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Great symposium on Iceland last week

The 8th Annual Symposium on ATP1A3 in Disease 2019 took place 3-4 October 2019 on Iceland, hosted by the AHC Association of Iceland, and supported by an organizing committee consisting of European scientists working on ATP1A3 related diseases for many years, including three researchers affiliated DANDRITE; Karin Lykke-Hartmann, Hanne Poulsen, and Poul Nissen.

The ‘ATP1A3 Symposium in Disease’ is an important symposium that focuses on one of the key genes, the ATP1A3 gene that is essential for normal brain functioning. Mutations in the ATP1A3 gene has been linked to several neurological diseases, including Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC)The ATP1A3 gene encodes the alpha(a)3 subunit isoform of the sodium pump, an ion pump that is present in all cells of the body and help cells to maintain correct ion balance, to support in-and outflux of molecules in the cell. In the brain, the a 3 isoform is specific to nerve cells, the neurons. In most neurons, the a 3 isoform helps to maintain the resting membrane potential and reset the ion gradient after an action potential. Doing this, the sodium pump uses energy from the cells and is the most energy-consuming ion pump in the brain. Therefore, it is not surprising that mutations that alter the function of such a vital pump, is associated with neurological diseases.

Find more information about the symposium here: http://conferences.au.dk/atp1a3symposium2019/

Group picture of symposium participants, visiting the Perlan Museum:

Picture of the organizing committee 2019:

From left, back: Hanne Poulsen, Poul Nissen, Karin Lykke-Hartmann, Arn M.J.M van den Maagdenberg
From the left: front: Hendrik Rosewich, Sigurður Holmar Jóhannesson