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Graduate Course: Understanding the Brain through the Hippocampus and other neural systems 2018 organized by Marco Capogna

Participants from the course

The four day course (4 December-7 December 2018), held at Aarhus University, has addressed key topics in molecular, cellular and system neuroscience. The vision from which the course is based is that explanation of normal and pathological events in the brain can only come from the rigorous definition of the neuronal circuits that underlie these events.

The information provided in the course spans multiple functional levels from neurotransmission and plasticity at identified synapses, to the spiking of single identified cells in vivo and up to the behaviour-dependent organization of cell assemblies and macro-circuit dynamics. The course defines the mechanisms that underpin distinct temporal and spatial domains of the brain activity.

Instructors included international experts active in Denmark and in other European sites: Marco Capogna (Aarhus University), Francesco Ferraguti (Austria), Norbert Hajos (Hungary), Sadegh Nabavi (DANDRITE), Marco Beato (UCL), Jean Francoise Perrier (Copenhagen University), Sarang Dalal (Aarhus University), Mogens Andreasen (Aarhus University), Steen Nedergaard (Aarhus University), Morten Skovgaard Jensen (Aarhus University), Jozsef Csicsvari (Austria),  Duda Kvitsiani (DANDRITE), Hanne Demant Hansen (Copenhagen University), Jens Christian Sørensen (Aarhus University Hospital), Mark West (Aarhus University), Elena Gardella (Danish Epilepsy Center), and Merab Kokaia (Lund University).

Twenty students attended the course. Their provenience was mainly from Aarhus University, Aarhus University Hospital and DANDRITE, but also from other Danish academic and clinical centers.