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Gilles Vanwalleghem selected for Lundbeck Foundation Investigator Network

The Lundbeck Foundation Investigator Network (LFIN) is a new initiative designed to strengthen Danish neuroscience by connecting people and disciplines. DANDRITE Team Leader Gilles Vanwalleghem is one of 38 young investigators selected for the network.

DANDRITE Team Leader and Assistant Professor Gilles Vanwalleghem

As a new Team Leader at DANDRITE, Gilles Vanwalleghem sees the network as a great opportunity to become part of a network of peers that will help shape the neuroscience landscape in Denmark.

During the four years of membership, network members will be eligible to apply for seed funding to support collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. Furthermore, members will receive training organized and funded by the Lundbeck foundation but the nature of the training will be chosen by LFIN members themselves.

Network kick-off
In June 2022, the network had their first meeting in Copenhagen to start the process of organizing the network. “As the first cohort, the network has the responsibility to set the path to success and decide how to grow and run the network”, explains Gilles Vanwalleghem.

Gilles Vanwalleghem hopes to find new collaborators with complementary expertise to further his own research, but also to share his own expertise, and the zebrafish model, with his peers.

Besides fostering new collaborations and training, the network will discuss ways to advocate for neuroscience and increase visibility of the excellent neuroscience research being conducted in Denmark.

The network will meet again in November 2022.

Next membership round in 2024
A network membership last for four years and 15 new members are expected to be recruited every second year. LFIN opens next round in 2024. More information about the network can be found on the Lundbeck Foundation’s website:

Assistant Professor Gilles Vanwalleghem
Email: gilles.vanwalleghem@mbg.au.dk