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FENS announces grants to young scientists from all around the world to work in labs from Nordic countries

The 10th FENS meeting that will be held in Copenhagen from July 2-6th 2016 (see http://forum2016.fens.org and http://www.cph2016.dk). An important mission for the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies is to support and facilitate the training of young investigators.

One initiative is to provide grants to young scientists from all around the world to work in labs from Nordic countries. We propose the duration of such a research stay to be from 3 to 6 months. This exchange is an opportunities for labs to meet potential future postdoc candidates. In all we expect 20 laboratories to be selected based on the matching between applicants and hosts.

We would be grateful if we can add your laboratory to the list of potential training sites.

At this stage we need to know:
• If you are willing to participate
• The duration of an optimal stay in your lab
• Which technique / experiment could be shown or taught
• If your lab or institution could provide any support for a candidate (e.g. lodging…)

When we have a clear outline of the Young Investigator Training Programme, we will contact
you for further details.

Kind regards,
The HSC FENS Forum 2016 Copenhagen

Associate Professor Nicolas Caesar Petersen (chair), PhD
Clinical Research Associate Professor Christina Kruuse, MD PhD
Senior Scientist Lone Helboe, PhD
Associate Professor Aase Frandsen, D.Sc.
Science writer Lone Frank, PhD
Associate Professor Jean-Francois Perrier, PhD

Please do not hesitate to contact us : hsc@cph2016.dk

Read the official open letter regarding this announcement here