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Farewell to Iain Mattaj, Director General, EMBL

The directors of the Nordic EMBL Partnership nodes attended a farewell event at the EMBL in Heidelberg for Iain Mattaj on 27th Nov. 2018, as he nears the end of his Director General mandate. Professor Iain Mattaj will be succeeded by Professor Edith Heard, who officially joins EMBL in January 2019.

From Left to Right: Agata Pernus (Project Officer - Government and EU Relations, EMBL), Plamena Markova (Joint Head of Government & EU Relations, EMBL), Janna Saarela (newly appointed Director, NCMM), Mark Daly (Director, FIMM), Edith Heard (incoming Director General, EMBL), Iain Mattaj (outgoing Director General, EMBL), Poul Nissen (Director, DANDRITE), Oliver Bilker (Director, MIMS), Silke Schumacher (Director International Relations, EMBL). Photo: Massimo del Prete, EMBL

Professor Edith Heard is currently Director of the Genetics and Developmental Biology Unit at Institut Curie and holds the chair of Epigenetics and Cellular Memory at the Collège de France. Professor Iain Mattaj will take on a new role as Director of Human Technopole, a recently established research centre in Milan, Italy, in January 2019.

The Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine wishes to cordially thank Iain Mattaj for all his support over the past decade, and wishes him the very best for the future.