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DANDRITE attended this year's Festival of Research in Aarhus on April 27

As usual DANDRITE attended the Festival of Research. It was a busy and enjoyable day where group leaders and students from DANDRITE demonstrated their research areas to the general Danish public. Four labs where represented: Anne von Philipsborn lab, Poul Henning Jensen lab, Mark Denham lab and Poul Nissen Lab.

Photo: PhD student Milena Laban (left)

Poul Nissen lab offered the opportunity to look at real protein crystals in a light microscope. That gave the opportunity to talk with the public about how one gets from crystals to protein structure - and what the good of that is. PhD student Milena Laban explains that: “The structure of a protein can be useful in the fundamental understanding of its function and role in the cellular machinery. Structural insights can help in reasoning why specific mutations can cause disease and aid in drug design, where a drug is tailored to its target protein.”

DANDRITE also demonstrated stem cells, showed fruit flies and explained some of the mechanisms behind Parkinson’s disease and much more. The interest where great with a high turnout – thus more than a thousand visitors stopped by during the four hours the event lasted.

Read more about the Festival of Research here and see what Omnubus wrote about the event here(unfortunately in Danish).