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DANDRITE Annual Report 2022 is out

We hope you will spend a few moments looking through our annual report for 2022 to learn more about our vision and activities.

We are proud to present our annual report 2022 where we among other things marked our 10th year of operations and thus, we are now slowly moving towards the teenage years of our research center – and at the same time into the transition with group leaders from the first cohort leaving and new ones arriving creating a new generation of DANDRITE group leaders.

In the report, you can explore the many great events that DANDRITE hosted throughout 2022, find stats on our personnel of 2022, and dive into the list of published papers and grants received. Group leader Taro Kitazawa was awarded the ERC starting grant of EUR 1,5M, and senior group leader Poul Henning Jensen received DKK 20M from the Lundbeck Foundation’s Collaborative Projects programme to shed new light on Parkinson’s disease – just to mention a few highlights.

We hope you will spend a few moments on the following pages to learn more about our vision and activities and that you will enjoy the read.