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Capogna’s and Yonehara’s groups contributed to the Brain Conference “The necessity of cell types for brain function”, Copenhagen, 7-10 October

Wen-Hsien Hou presenting his poster at the meeting.
Emma Louth presenting her poster at the meeting.

Capogna’s and Yonehara’s groups contributed to the scientific program of a recent Brain Conference held in Copenhagen aiming to elucidate the role of various cell types in the brain. The program of the conference included the contribution of several internationally known neuroscientists including Brain Prize winners. Capogna’s lab contributed with two posters presented by Emma Louth on “Spike timing dependent plasticity in human cortical neurons”, and by Wen Hsien Hou on “Sleep modulates nitric oxide expressing GABAergic neurons of the rodent amygdala”. Keisuke Yonehara presented a poster entitled: “Excitatory circuit motif for visual motion computation in the mouse retina”.