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Best poster award to postdoc Joseph Lyons at the NMMN meeting 2013

Postdoc Joseph Lyons, affiliated with both DANDRITE and the PUMPkin centre, was awarded one of the three prices for "Best Poster" for his poster entitled "From Lipid Phases to Membrane Protein Structure" at the Nordic Molecular Medicine Network Meeting, which took place in Oslo, Norway, Sept. 17th-19th, 2013

The poster award winners (from left to right in the photo) were: Saranya Subramani (NCMM), Vilja Pietiäinien (FIMM), Joseph Lyons (DANDRITE). Photo by Jean Ståle Lorentzen, NCMM

The 3 poster award winners were Saranya Subramani (NCMM), Vilja Pietiäinien (FIMM), and Joseph Lyons (DANDRITE)

The poster evaluation committee consisted of J. Preben Morth (NCMM), Tiia Luukkonen (FIMM), Frederic Login (MIMS) and Mads F. Kjølby (DANDRITE)

The poster award winners received a price each of 500 NOK.