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Annual Neuroscience Research Theme Day

For a full day the Neuroscience Research Theme met for their annual research meeting - this year with focus on innovation and translation. The day brought new insights into the possibilities of turning basic research into business.

Many questions arise if you dream of translating your basic research into a business adventure. Some of these questions was attempted an answer when the Neuroscience Research Theme at the department of Biomedicine met for their annual meeting at the Aarhus University innovation hub, The Kitchen. 

Business developers, entrepreneurs, industrial ph.D.-students and succesful local researchers was among the speakers of the day, to share their story on the different stages in the innovation proces.  

Another focus of the day was on how to establish collaborations with either pharmacies or hospitals when you have a basic research discovery with a translational potential that you want to explore further.

According to Sâmia Joca, Associate Professor at Department of Biomedicine and co-chair of the Neuroscience Theme the meeting succeeded in bringing reserach and industry (closer) together:

“It was an inspiring meeting fostering collaboration across career stages in the neuroscience theme with external stakeholder in biotech and pharma that will propel innovation forward," she states.