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NordForsk mobility grants

What can you apply for?

DANDRITE students and postdocs can apply for:

  • Short-term research mobility funds to support visiting research at specific infrastructures or expertise associated with the Nordic EMBL Partnership nodes* or EMBL sites (direct or through local governance/collaborations)
  • Short-term research mobility funds to support physical attendance in training courses offered by the Nordic Partnership nodes or EMBL sites. 
  • Funds to cover registration fees for online training courses offered by the Nordic Partnership nodes or EMBL sites.

Please see the current course list here: https://projects.au.dk/nordic-embl-partnership/collaborations/nordforsk-nordic-embl-partnership-hub

*NCMM (Oslo), FIMM (Helsinki), MIMS (Umeaa) and EMBL.

Applicants must be affiliated with DANDRITE to be eligible for applying for funding.

Research Mobility grant amount

You can apply for a maximum of 10.000 DKK.

The funds must be used for

  • travel expenses, such as flight and train tickets, bridge or ferry,
  • overnight expenses for hotel/accommodation,
  • attendance fee and/or direct infrastructure cost.
  • N.B.: Expenses usually covered by yourself cannot be reimbursed e.g., insurance and daily transport cannot be covered.     

NB: If the expected expenses exceeds the maximum grant amount, please check with your PI that he/she can cover the remaining expenses before applying.

Application requirements

You must fill out the application form (application form) and send it to Maria Thykær Jensen mtj@dandrite.au.dk together with a support letter from your home supervisor.

N.B.: For infrastructure research visits, please also attach a confirmation of the stay from the host.

We accept applications continuously however, if we receive many applications we might implement application deadlines.

Please note that we have limited funds and we will notify on this website when the funds for 2024 are used. The applications are internally prioritized and nominated by DANDRITE’s steering committee.


Reimbursement/pay out

Reimbursement of expenses will take place after the visit as an expense claim via RejsUd. Only expenses with original expense receipt will be reimbursed thus, all receipts for the reimbursable expenses must be kept and uploaded when making the reimbursements.

Grants are made available through the NMMN NordForsk Research Infrastructure hub funding for the years 2021-2023. With the funding, we expect to gradually stimulate the increase of interdisciplinary approaches and ambitions in molecular medicine and to stimulate further the mobility and exchange of core expertise and human resources among the Nordic countries.

Course credit

In order to receive ECTS credits for an external course, you must apply the graduate school for approval of the given course.    

NordForsk: Nordic EMBL Partnership Hub

Read more about the NordForsk Research Infrastructure hub of the Nordic EMBL Partnership at the following website address: https://projects.au.dk/nordic-embl-partnership/collaborations/nordforsk-nordic-embl-partnership-hub/

Mobility grants for DANDRITE students & postdocs

Grants are made available through the NMMN NordForsk Research Infrastructure hub funding for the years 2021-2024

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