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Programme & venue

6. Annual Network Meeting of the
Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine

8-10 September 2015 at Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark

Meeting venue:

AIAS Auditorium, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Aarhus University, Høegh-Guldbergs gade 6B (building 1632), Aarhus, Denmark



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Monday 7 September 2015

Extra day for Young Investigators

8 September 2015

Morning programme for Young Investigators

12:00         Steering group meeting (in the conference room, building 1632, room 203)

14:00         Arrival at meeting venue, registration & lunch (in the registration hall area, building 1632)

14:45         Welcome by DANDRITE director Poul Nissen (in the AIAS auditorium, building 1632)

Session 1
Session chair: Mark Denham, DANDRITE Group Leader

15:00        New DANDRITE Group Leader
                Sadegh Nabavi, PhD
                Forming and storing memories: Brain’s dilemma

15:30        New MIMS Group Leader
                Andrea Puhar, PhD
                Endogenous danger signals in infection and inflammation of the gut

16:00        New FIMM Group Leader
                Simon Anders, PhD
                A new biostatistics/bioinformatics group at FIMM

16:30        Break - coffee and snacks (in the registration hall area and poster tent)

Session 2
Session chair: Poul Nissen

17:00        EMBL Group Leader lecture
                Jan Ellenberg, EMBL Group Leader in Heidelberg
                Systems biology of human cell division using light microscopy

17:30        Special presentation
                Olli Kallioniemi
            FIMM 2008-2015

17:45        Special presentation
                Jaakko Kaprio
            FIMM 2015-onwards              

18:00        Poster session - odd numbers present (in the poster tent)

18:00        Side meeting for EMBL & FIMM (in the conference room, building 1632, room 203)

19:00        Dinner (in the canteen at Dept. Mathematics)

21:00        Poster session continued - even numbers present (in the poster tent)


Wednesday 9 September 2015

8:00          Coffee (in the registration area, building 1632)

8:30          Welcome & info about the day by Anders Nykjær (in the AIAS auditorium, building 1632)

Session 3
Session chair: Anne von Philipsborn

8:35          New Group DANDRITE Leader
                 Keisuke Yonehara, PhD
                 Motion-sensitive circuits in the retina

9:05          Short Topical Presentation 1
                 Richard Lundmark, PhD, MIMS Group leader
                 Membrane sculpting proteins in control of cell surface dynamics

9:25          Short Topical Presentation 2
                Ana Calejo, NCMM post doc, Kjetil Tasken’s group
                Targeting the adrenergic regulation of the SERCA2 complex in the heart with small
                molecules displacing­ ­AKAP18δ-PLB

9:45          Updates from EMBL by Iain Mattaj

10:05        Break - coffee and snacks (in the registration area and poster tent)

Session 4
Session chair: Hanne Poulsen

10:35        New DANDRITE Group Leader
                Duda Kvitsiani, PhD
                Foraging decisions in flies and rodents: from single molecules to circuit dynamics

11:05        Short Topical Presentation 3
                Saranya Subramani, NCMM PhD student, Preben Morth’s group
                MgtA is strongly activated by anionic lipids and submicromolar concentration of

11:25        Short Topical Presentation 4 (NCMM Hot Topic)
                Simer Bains, NCMM PhD student, Kjetil Tasken’s group
                Impact of Aspirin as Secondary Prevention in 25,644 Patients with Colorectal Cancer – An
                Unselected Population-Based Study

11:45        Short Topical Presentation 5
                Tea Pemovska, FIMM PhD student, Krister Wennerberg’s group
                Axitinib Targets Gatekeeper-mutant BCR-ABL1(T315I)-driven Leukemia in a Distinct and
                Selective Fashion

12:05        Break – coffee and snacks (in the registration area and poster tent)

12:15        Bus transport to Moesgaard Museum

12:45        Welcome to Moesgaard Museum by Poul Nissen & Group picture (in museum auditorium)

13:00        Lunch (in the area next to the museum auditorium)   

13:45        Scientific speed dating (in museum meeting rooms)

13:45        Administrator meeting (in museum auditorium)

Session 5 (in museum auditorium)
Session chair: Duda Kvitsiani

15:00        EMBL Group Leader lecture (in museum auditorium)
                Carsten Sachse, EMBL Group Leader in Heidelberg
                Structural basis and mechanism of the selective autophagy receptor p62/SQSTM1

15:30        Short Topical Presentation 6
                Siv Gilfillan, PhD, NCMM head engineer, Tony Hurtado’s group
                FOXA1 is a central mediator of tumor progression in HER2/3-driven breast cancer
                independent of Estrogen Receptor function

15:50        Short Topical Presentation 7
                Katja Närhi, FIMM post doc, Emmy Verschuren’s group
                Organotypic modelling of Kras-driven murine pulmonary cancer for preclinical target

16:10        Short Topical Presentation 8
                Nelson O. Gekara, PhD, MIMS Group Leader
                Preparing for war to prevent war: DNA damage - the intrinsic danger that keeps the
                innate immune system awake?

16:30        Break - coffee and snacks (in the museum meeting rooms & museum roof)


Session 6
Session chair: Keisuke Yonehara

16:50        Short Topical Presentation 9
                Priit Palta, FIMM post doc, Aarno Palotie’s group
                The SISU project – using the Finnish founder population and nationwide health records
                for studying rare and low-frequency variants in complex diseases

17:10        Short Topical Presentation 10
                Riitta Sallinen, FIMM senior researcher, DHR Project
                Digital Health Revolution (DHR) Initiative: Next Generation Health Check-up and Systems
                Monitoring for Personalized Wellness

17:30        Short Topical Presentation 11
                Anna Aakula, FIMM PhD student, Olli Kallioniemi’s group
                Systematic functional screening in identification of microRNA targets in prostate and
                breast cancer

17:50        Break - coffee and snacks (in the area next to the museum auditorium)

18:15        Introduction to keynote lecture by Anders Nykjær
                Keynote lecture by Gary Lewin
                Extremity as the mother of metabolic invention: the neurobiology of the naked mole-rat

19:00        Walk through the forest to the restaurant

19:30        Welcome drink at the forest restaurant Skovmøllen

20:00        Dinner in the forest restaurant Skovmøllen

23:00        Bus to hotel


Thursday 10 September 2015

8:00         Coffee (in the registration area, building 1632)

8:30         Welcome by Poul Henning Jensen (in the AIAS auditorium, building 1632)

Session 7
Session chair: Poul Henning Jensen

8:35         Short Topical Presentation 12
               Josef Järhult, MD PhD, MIMS Clinical Research Fellow/Uppsala University
               Influenza A virus resistance development in the environment

8:55         Short Topical Presentation 13
               Tianyan Song, MD PhD, MIMS Post doc, Sun Nyunt Wai’s group
               Role of sRNA in bacterial pathogenesis

9:15         Short Topical Presentation 14
               Nabil Karah, MD PhD, MIMS Post doc, Bernt Eric Uhlin’s group
               Novel aminoglycoside transposons and transposon-derived circular forms detected in
               Acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates from Sweden

9:35         Short Topical Presentation 15
               Mette Richner, PhD, DANDRITE post doc, Anders Nykjær/Christian Vægter’s group
               Sortilin in neuropathic pain

9:55         Break - coffee and snacks (in the registration area, building 1632)

Session 8
Session chair: Arne Möller

10:25        Short Topical Presentation 16
                Verena Zuber
, previous NCMM post doc, Ian Mills’ group
                Functional annotation of genetic loci implicated in both cancer and cardiovascular disease risk

10:45        Short Topical Presentation 17
                Marie Rogne, NCMM post doc, Judith Starrk’s group
                Mitosis defects in B cell Chronic Lymphocytic Lymphoma

11:05        Short Topical Presentation 18
                Hanne Poulsen, DANDRITE Team leader
                Ion transport by the Na,K-ATPase

11:25        Updates from the nodes
                11:25-11:40  Update from DANDRITE by Poul Nissen
                11:40-11:55  Update from MIMS by Bernt Eric Uhlin
                11:55-12:10  Update from NCMM by Kjetil Taskén

12:15        Closing remarks & take home messages by Poul Nissen

12:25        Lunch (in the registration area, building 1632)

13:30        The meeting ends