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About the collaboration

Brain Research Institute (BRI), Niigata University Collaboration

The Collaboration

During 2019, DANDRITE established a new collaboration with Brain Research Institute (BRI) from Niigata University, Japan. Group leader Keisuke Yonehara and Team Leader Tomonori Takeuchi initiated the contact with BRI.

Visit by Brain Research Institute

On November 24-26 2019, a delegation from BRI visited DANDRITE where a Memorandum of Understanding was signed to promote research exchange and cooperation between the two institutions.

During the visit, the delegation visited DANDRITE facilities such as ‘The Joint’ and the ‘2photon’, they meet with several DANDRITE Group Leaders, and finally they took part in a joint Mini Symposium where researchers from both institutes gave research presentations of their work.

A Mini Symposium was held on November 25 2019. See the program here

Funding for Research Collaboration

BRI has a world-class collection of neuropathological specimens and advanced imaging analysis techniques along with animal models and genomic data base. The institute offers travel funding for overseas researchers carrying out joint research with BRI faculty. More information can be found here.