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Alumni from Vægter Group

Sara Elgaard Jager

PhD student at DANRITE from December 2017 to February 2019.
Postdoc in Christian Vægter’s group from February 2019 to December 2019. 

                                New affiliation: Postdoc fellow at King’s College London 

                                Email: sarajager@msn.com

                                Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThisIsSaraJager

Debbie Winther Lemming

Laboratory technician in Christian Vægter's group until October 2016.

Email: debbielemming@biomed.au.dk

Inês Costa Laranjeira

Bachelor student from Portugal in Christian Vægter’s group for one semester (February – June 2015).

Email: i_ines@live.com.pt

Ishita Guha Thakurta

Guest Postdoctoral Fellow in Christian Vægter's group until December 2014.

Email: ishita.guhathakurta@gmail.com

Alana Miranda Pinhiero 

PhD Student in Christian Vægter's group until May 2022.

Email: amppinheiro22@gmail.com