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2016.09.27 | News from the management

Joint call for postdoctoral researchers in the Nordic EMBL Partnership

The Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine is dedicated to excellence in molecular medicine and life science research that investigates the molecular basis of disease and explores molecular and genetic based treatments. The Nordic EMBL Partnership is now seeking outstanding international candidates for postdoctoral researcher positions.…

2016.09.27 | News from the management

New job opportunity at DANDRITE - Student assistant

We are looking for a student assistant to help with administrative support approximately 12 hours a week, starting as soon as possible. The job will include tasks and responsibilities within communication, events, and new staff. The applicant has to be actively studying at Aarhus University and have at least 2 years left in your studies.…

2016.09.26 | People , SadeghNabavi

Group Leader Sadegh Nabavi appointed AIAS Associate

AIAS will give its official welcome to three new AIAS Associates on 3 October 2016. One of them is Sadegh Nabavi, Group Leader at DANDRITE. The ‘AIAS Associates’ has been established as a means to provide Aarhus University internationals at a high-level with a formal access and link to the international environment at AIAS.

2016.09.19 | People

Saida Said won poster prize

Saida Said won the poster prize at the conference “Transmembrane Transporters in Health and Disease” in Vienna, Austria with her poster "The molecular mechanism for overcoming the rate-limiting step in monoamine neurotransmitter transport".

2016.09.06 | News from the management

New job opportunity at DANDRITE - Postdoctoral position

Postdoctoral position in synaptic and circuit plasticity available from January 2017 in the group of Group Leader Sadegh Nabavi. Application deadline 21 October 2016. Read more here.

2016.09.06 | News from the management

New job opportunity at DANDRITE - Postdoctoral position

Postdoctoral position in Drosophila neuroscience for analysis of neuronal circuits and behavioral genetics available in the group of Group Leader Anne von Philipsborn. Application deadline 21 October 2016. Read more here.

2016.09.05 | People , Awards

PhD student Caroline Neumann awarded Lundbeck Foundation fellowship

PhD student Caroline Neumann in Poul Nissen’s research group has been awarded a Lundbeck Foundation fellowship to support her PhD studies for 4 years. Her project focuses on studying the substrate specificity of MhsT, a bacterial homologue of the human GABA transporter GAT1 and non-polar amino acid transporters SLC6A18 and SLC6A19, by structure…

2016.09.01 | People

New appointment at DANDRITE

Andreas Bøggild started as an academic employee in Poul Nissen's group per 1 September 2016. Andreas will be working with methods development for crystallization of membrane proteins in the context of the iNEXT EU project. He will also be working in the LINX network (Linking Industry to Neutrons and X-rays), with the aim of reaching out to…

2016.09.01 | People

New research assistant at DANDRITE

Mariam Gamaleldin started as a research assistant in Sadegh Nabavi's group per 1 September 2016. Despite being a thoroughly researched field, many aspects of long-term memory remain mysterious. Mariam's project aims to unveil the broad range of proteins that are specifically synthesized during long-term memory formation, and to identify what roles…

2016.09.01 | People

New PhD student at DANDRITE

Junior Samuel López Yépez started as a joint PhD student between Duda Kvitsiani's group and Professor Henrik Stapelfeldt at Dept. Chemistry per 1 September 2016. The research goal is to explore neural circuit mechanisms that control reward foraging decisions in mice. For this they will develop new tools to concurrently measure electrophysiological…

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