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The DANDRITE July newsletter is out

This month you can learn more about the revolution of Cryo-EM in molecular biology, read the inspiring story about Mariana who found her way back into science when the war hit her home country, Ukraine and much more

Photo: Unsplash

Content of this month:

  • Have you considered using Cryo-EM in your research?
  • Interview: "Finding sense and science in a life with war"
  • Publications:
    • A super Sonic circadian synchronizer

    • Ptbp1 deletion does not induce astrocyte-to-neuron conversion

    • A new open protocol delivers a high-quality tool for human in vitro modeling

    • Fast-forward on P-type ATPases: recent advances on structure and function

  • DANDRITE PhD-student awarded EMBO Scientific Exchange Grant 

  • Open calls at DANDRITE

  • Upcoming events

  • Blogpost: Being a Master's student at DANDRITE

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