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Neuroscience majors from Virginia Tech University visit DANDRITE

DANDRITE was one of the stops during a three-week visit to Denmark in July, where students majoring in neuroscience from Virginia Tech University gained valuable insights into the brain and the neurobiology behind complex social behaviors.

15 students from the School of Neuroscience at Virginia Tech University, USA have chosen Denmark as the venue for a 3-week teaching course diving into the neurobiology of diverse and complex social behaviors. Majoring in Clinical Neuro or Cognitive & Behavioral Neuro the students take the trip across the Atlantic Ocean to explore new research findings within their field and to be inspired by different career paths in science.

As part of their stay, they visited DANDRITE to learn more about the research center and the work being done here. Representatives from Kitazawa Lab, Radulovic Lab and Capogna Lab, specifically DANDRITE Group Leader Taro Kitazawa, Assistant Professor Wen-Hsien Hou from Capogna Lab and Associate Professor Asami Tanimura from the Radulovic lab hosted the visit, that consisted of tours of the labs showing the facilities, and research presentations. “The format of the visit worked really well. It was so fascinating first to hear about the research being done and afterwards seeing the lab being used to conduct that exact research.”  one of the students explained.

With great curiosity, the students participated actively in the introduction to various research areas and techniques. For most of the students it was the first time seeing a lab, and they found it inspirational to see research in action.

During their visit, they were introduced to various techniques and facilities, such as photo-tagging which was transferred by DANDRITE Group Leader Duda Kvitsiani and who helped establish it in the Capogna Lab. DANDRITE and Aarhus University has close collaborations with Aarhus University Hospital who can supply human cortical tissue, and so makes it possible to investigate human cortical neurons.

"As researchers, we thrive on the power of collaboration and the beauty of shared knowledge. Welcoming students from Virginia Tech University to DANDRITE not only enriches their educational journey but also ignites new sparks of curiosity and fosters cross-cultural scientific connections valuable to the research field.”  Taro Kitazawa states.

Would you be interested in visiting DANDRITE and hearing more about our research you are always welcome to contact us.