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The NeuroDoWo conference promotes communication across disciplines and allows young scientists to gain experience in presenting and discussing their research in a talk or with a scientific poster.

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Tuesday 2 May 2023, at 15:00 - Friday 5 May 2023, at 19:00


Konstanz, Germany


100 EUR

The conference will introduce the following keynote speakers: 

  • Dr Emily Baird
    Dr Baird is an associative professor at Stockholm University where she studies how the brain uses visual information to guide behaviour across various environments. She uses a comparative approach combining behaviour experiments and anatomical data from X-ray micro-computed-tomography in bumblebees and dung beetles.
  • Dr Armin Bahl
    Dr Bahl is a professor at Konstanz University where he studies the brain-wide neural circuits involved in sensory integration and decision-making. To reveal those circuits, he uses a combination of behavioral experiments, functional imaging, and computational modelling in larval and juvenile zebrafish. 
  • Dr Emily Macé
    Dr Macé is a Max Planck group leader in Munich where she asks how distributed brain networks cooperate to produce behaviour. She uses functional ultrasound imaging in mice behaving in natural environments to identify the networks involved in switches between different behaviours. 
  • Dr Irene Senna
    Dr Senna is a lecturer at Liverpool Hope University where she focuses on the contribution of multisensory experience in shaping perception and action in human populations. She uses her knowledge to develop training protocols, based on multisensory augmented feedback, to improve mobility, navigation, learning, and social interaction of visually-impaired individuals.