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My time as NAD-fellow at DANDRITE

Simrandeep Kaur Sidhu has spent the last 10 weeks as an NAD-fellow in Sadegh Nabavi's Lab. In this blogpost she shares her experience and output during her stay.

A blogpost by NAD-Fellow, Simrandeep Kaur Sidhu

My motivation for joining the lab of Sadegh Nabavi for my second lab rotation was to further expand my skill set with in vivo techniques.

During my master’s I learned to do chemogenetics and optogenetics and for my last rotation, I acquired the skills to perform fiber photometry. I next wanted to take the step further and work with in vivo single-cell calcium imaging.

I was fortunate to get this opportunity at DANDRITE in Sadegh Nabavi’s Lab, where I have been working with Assistant Professor Noemie Mermet-Joret and Postdoc Milad Nazari.

During my stay, I have been taught how to do the experimental part related to working with mini-scopes. I have learned how to implant GRIN lenses and to do behavioral acquisition.

In addition, I learned how to do the data analysis part based on my experiments.

I have learned a lot from this experience and has given me a great foundation for allowing me to implement in vivo single-cell calcium imaging using mini scopes in my Ph.D.-project.

Also, the lab has been super forthcoming, and everybody is so nice! I really enjoyed my stay in the lab.

For my next and final rotation, I will be joining the lab of Assistant Professor and Group Leader Ilary Allodi at the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Copenhagen. Here I will learn how to perform RNA scope as well as contribute to data analysis of an ongoing project related to ALS.